We offer a variety of surfing options! Anything from awesome group lessons to private family lessons, we make it easy for people to come out to the coast and surf.

Basic Terms and Conditions


You must be SOBER to rent gear and or take surf lessons. You will not be allowed to partake in the surf lesson or surf rentals if you are drinking and you will NOT get a refund.

Please come to the campground’s office or the Surf Shack to collect your gear and sign your waivers.

Surf Lessons Terms and Conditions

SURF LESSON CANCELLATION: If you give us 48 hours notice, you get a full refund for your surf lesson. If you cancel within 48 hours of your lesson, you do NOT get a refund.
  • Group Lessons are for people ages 12 and up. If kids are under 12 they will have to either sign up for a private surf lesson or do a private family lesson.
  • You, and everyone in the lesson, must be sober. If you are intoxicated, you will not be allowed out on the lesson and you will not get a refund.
  • Meet at campground 10 minutes prior to lesson going out to sign waivers.
  • You can either get a ride to the beach with your surf instructor in our surf bus OR you can drive yourself. You must pay for parking in the National Park.
  • Please write down your correct height, weight, and shoe size otherwise your wetsuit will not fit and you will have to sit out for the lesson. We pack everything before the lesson goes out and your height and weight determine which wetsuit will fit you. Please make sure the information is accurate!

Ucluelet Surf Lessons

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