Surf Junction Campground Presents:

Salty Surf Camps!

3 Nights Camping at Surf Junction

2 Progressive Surf Lessons

Lesson on how to pick your beach and read the weather and surf reports

Free Surf Rentals

All Meals Included

Rides to and from the beach, plus any other outings

An awesome guide that’s with you the entire time!

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Come Have fun with a guided surf trip to Ucluelet & Tofino!

This camp has been designed to bring a bunch of like-minded people together to come learn the basics of surfing in this area and bond over some campfires and beach time! 

With an emphasis on getting you surfing, we’ve got a progressive two-day surf course planned. This includes two surf lessons, free surf rentals, photos and help from your guide and surf instructors. We’ll also be spending the afternoons checking out the towns, shopping or hanging out at the beach and roasting some smokies. 

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Meet Your Guide, Kate!

This gem of a human is super passionate about everything that has to do with surf, snow, and skating. She’s not only super talented, but has a wicked personality. She splits her time between the coast and Revelstoke, where she guides for K3 Catski. You literally couldn’t have a better guide for your stay and we’re super pumped she’s doing these camps with us!

Check her out on instagram: @shrediger

Meet your surf coach, Nick Haisch!

Nick’s passion for surfing goes beyond being just a hobby- it’s a full blown obsession. He’s been surfing for 12+ years and has been teaching surf lessons for 7. He’s competed in the Rip Curl Pro and got 3rd place in the amateur division back in 2014 (back before he had kids and had time to compete). He’s also President of British Columbia Association of Surf Instruction (BCASI) and is passionate about setting a high standard for safety out on the coast. Known around the campground as “The Oracle”, Nick might as well be a meteorologist with his knowledge about the weather and how it affects the surf. Just a minor side note about Nick, he also owns the campground with his wife- so he’s all about making sure people are catching waves and having fun!

Favorite board: Gary Hanel Pill, 5’10”

Favourite swell/beach: 5ft 15 seconds, West swell, at Wick.