All prices include up to 4 people and 1 car
Extra adults (8 and up) $5.00
Extra parking $5.00 (in your campsite (if it fits))
Extra children 8 and under are free.
Group rates available
All prices subject to 5% GST

Extra Parking by the office: $15/night

Surf Junction Campground

  2019 Rates

Regular Campsites Walk-In (no cars)
*2 people max
15 amp & water 30 Amp & Water 15/30 Amp &
Water & Sewer
Group sites (sites 4,12,& 13)
*15 people max

April 5th-May 16th**

$25 $20 $27 $28 $30 $50
May 20-June 13th** $32 $27 $34 $35 $37 $65
June 14th-Sept 14th $42 $37 $44 $45 $47 $80
Sept. 15th- October 13th $32 $27 $34 $35 $37 $65

** Summer rates apply on Long Weekends** (May 17th-19th)

***All prices are subject to GST***


Please call our toll free number to make a reservation.
1 (877) 922-6722 

  • Strongly recommended May through September.
  • We require a credit card to stay. The card holder must be staying at the campground.
  • 2 night minimum stay on weekends
  • 3 night minimum on long weekends.
  • $7 non-refundable reservation fee & deposit of the first 2 nights charged at time of booking.
  • Balance of stay will be due upon check in.


  • Campsite deposits are fully refundable as long as 7 days notice is given
  • We charge a $5 Cancellation Service Fee for ALL Cancellations. No exceptions..
  • Deposits for Surf Packages are 50% refundable as long as 14 days notice is given.
  • Deposits for surf lessons are non-refundable.
  • Refunds can only be given on a credit card. Visa debits do not work unless you are in-person, in our office.

Group Sites:

Price reflects the first 8 people.

Please call for larger groups.


Early Checkouts

No refunds for early checkouts. Unless it’s a family or medical emergency.

No refunds because of the weather…it’s a rainforest- it tends to rain here :)

Rules & Regulations

In order to make your stay and that of others around you a happy experience, we would like to call your attention to a few rules.

  • Around 15,000 campers will use the campground this year – please do not cut or damage any tree, bush or flower.
  • Check in is between 12noon and 9pm, unless specific arrangements have been made.
  • Check out time is 11am.
  • Quiet time is 11pm-9am, excessive noise or loud music will not be tolerated at any time.
  • Dangerous or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic eviction of the entire party. There are no refunds if you are evicted.
  • A major credit card and/or valid ID will be required of all groups.
  • No refunds for early checkouts. So please know exactly how many nights you’re going to be staying before checking in.

Pet Rules

  • Dogs must be on leash at all times.
  • Cats must remain in vehicles.
  • Dogs may not be left unattended at any time.
  • Excessive barking will not be tolerated.
  • Animal stools must be picked up, wrapped and placed in garbage cans.
  • Animals are not allowed in washrooms, office or hot tub area (except guide dogs.)

Hot Tub Rules

  • Guests must shower before using hot tub, failure to shower will result in loss of hot tub privileges.
  • Hot tub is for registered guests only.
  • Guests must wear a bathing suit – no tee shirts or cut offs.
  • No food, drink or smoking permitted in the hot tub.
  • Alcohol will not be tolerated in the hot tub.
  • No jumping or diving.
  • The hot tub is open from 1pm to 10:30pm.
  • Children under 8 are not allowed in the hot tub, Children 9-12 must be accompanied by an adult.


  • The campground uses a combination of flush toilets which go to a septic field, and composting toilets. It is extremely important that no chemicals, plastics or foreign materials are put in either system. (For information on composting toilets see www.compostingtoilet.com)
  • We pride ourselves on providing clean washroom facilities, please help us by reporting any problems to staff immediately.
  • Washrooms and showers are open 24 hours a day.
  • Sorry, but showers are not free, this is to keep showers short as we are on our own well. The showers take quarters only. $0.25 = 1 minute $1.00 = 4 minutes. Change is available at the office.


  • All visitors must register at the office upon arrival.
  • In order to not overload the services for paying guests, visitors may not use the showers or hot tub.
  • Visitors must leave the campground by 10pm.
  • Please remember that you are our guests and if you have visitors you are responsible for their behaviour. If your visitor is breaking the rules, the entire booking will be evicted. There are no refunds for evictions.

Children and Youth

  • Please drive with extreme care, especially when backing up. We have lots of small children running around.
  • Please make your children aware of the rules, most of the rules are designed to protect them.
  • Children should not climb or slide on banks or trees.
  • Washrooms are not playgrounds.
  • Parents are responsible for the behaviour of the children at all times; and must be in their campsites by 11pm.


  • For your convenience our store carries some basic groceries, ice, ice cream, cold drinks, coffee and espresso drinks, camping supplies and firewood.
  • We lend out sporting equipment : soccer, volleyball, badminton, football, bocce ball and croquet.
  • Open 9am-10pm in the summer and 9am-9pm in the low season.

Recycling and Waste Management

  • Our recycle centres are located by the composting toilets and by the showers. All returnable bottles are donated to the local food bank.
  • Sewage and wastewater: If you are not in a full-service site and need to dump, we charge a minimal fee of $5.00. We are on a septic system and pay to pump what you put in.
  • Dumping portable toilet waste into the composting toilets will damage these very expensive systems. Anyone found dumping into these toilets will be charged with to the full extent of the law and will be held responsible for any loss of income due to the closing of the toilet facilities. PLEASE USE THE SANI DUMP!

This property is privately owned and operated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We are not responsible for accidents or injuries to our guests. We are not responsible for loss of equipment or valuables of any kind.