Frequently Asked Questions

Is Surf Junction just for surfers?
No, we cater to all types of different groups and ages! We have lots of families, kayakers, hikers, RV-ers, fishermen, and people just looking to experience the West Coast!

Is the Surf Junction on the Beach? 
No, we are 2.5 km by foot to Florencia/Halfmoon or 8km by car to south Long Beach.

Can you walk to the beach? 
Yes, it’s a 2.5 km walk to Florencia Bay or Half Moon Bay, most of the walk is through the forest. There are some steep parts and a significant amount of stairs, so the trip is not for everybody. You can also drive half the way to the trail head.

Is the Surf Junction in Tofino? 
No, we are 35 km South of Tofino. 

Is the Surf Junction in Ucluelet? 
No, we are 8km North of Ucluelet.

So where is the Surf Junction?  
We are on the edge of the Pacific Rim National Park which stretches between the two towns. We are about 500m south of the Junction between Tofino and Ucluelet.

Does the Surf Junction have Safe drinking water? 
Yes, all water from all taps on the campground meet or exceed national drinking water standards. The water comes from our own well and is filtered and chlorinated. 

Does the Surf Junction have Laundry? 
No, we are on a well and need to conserve water.

Does the Surf Junction have a pay phone? 
Yes, by the office.

Does the Surf Junction have cable TV? 
No it’s not available out here.

Does the Surf Junction  have internet? 
Yes! We just got high speed internet. It is, however, only available around our office. It is FREE. Please do not hang out in the office while you’re using the internet. We are limited on space and Wifi zombies are difficult for us and other campers to move around. There are tables outside the office for this purpose.  SURF WAVES NOT THE WEB!

Does the Surf Junction have picnic tables? 
Yes in every site.

Does the Surf Junction have a sani-dump? 
We have dumps in the Full Service sites only.

Does the Surf Junction have a waiting list? 

Does the Surf Junction have a place to plug in my cell phone, camera…? 
Yes just bring it to the office.

Does the Surf Junction have flush toilets?  

Does the Surf Junction have hot showers? 
Yes. There is a small charge for showers: 1 quarter=1 min ($1=4 minutes).

Does the Surf Junction have a place to do dishes? 
Yes, there are two wash stations, washing dishes in the bathrooms is not permitted. The stations have cold water only, if you need hot water you can heat it in your site. We do recommend using the stations provided, this helps reduce animal attracting smells from dish water. See the campground map. 

Does the Surf Junction have room for my boat, tow car, trailer…? 
Yes, some sites are even large enough to fit your boat, just let us know when you reserve. If it doesn’t fit we have some storage areas for just this sort of thing. During peak season there can be limited space and a charge for this service. We cannot guarantee space for any equipment not recorded on your confirmation. Give us a call if you have a last minute add on.

Where can I go swimming? 
Parks Canada does not recommend swimming in the ocean without a wetsuit even in the summer. People can swim at Kennedy Lake or at either of the two resorts that have pools. You can of course swim in the ocean with a wetsuit, try surfing or bodyboarding or just go for a dip.

Where can I go biking? 
There is a paved bike path that follows the highway 8km from the campground in to the town of Ucluelet. There are some hills on the way, be warned, but it’s a great bike path. There’s also a huge widerness of back roads and abandoned back roads, just ask at the office.

How is the bike ride from Nanaimo to the West Coast? 
It’s bad until Port Alberni. Then it’s much worse. It’s not neccessarily the mountains it’s the lack of a real shoulder on the #4 highway. We recommend taking the Lady Rose Ferry up the Alberni inlet or the Tofino Bus.

Where can I launch my boat? 
There are several boat launches in the area, each town has a public dock , and there are many private marinas.
There are public launches at Kennedy Lake (huge lake with tidal river) and Grice Bay (ocean – Tofino Inlet) see

What is the weather going to be like? 
Our weather… well our weather is hard to predict. We are in a Temperate Rain Forest. It definitely rains here but not as often as you might expect. When it rains it tends to pass quickly, during the spring and summer at least. It doesn’t get very hot very often and it doesn’t get very cold. Summer nights can be chilly for some, down to 10 C. The locals call August ‘Fog-ust’ because of the almost daily morning fog. The fog tends to burn off in the late morning. This is a mixed blessing, when the rest of the Province has a campfire ban we almost never do.

Are there lots of bugs? 
No, not really. There are some in the spring but nothing some insect repellant can’t deal with. Your campfire and a long sleeve shirt at night will keep ’em away.

I see on your map there is a bog and a pond. Doesn’t that breed mosquitoes? 
No, the dense moss and tannins from the cedar make the water too acidic for mosquitoes to breed. Cool eh!

Are there bears in the area? 
Yes, Vancouver Island Black Bears are common in the area, there are also wolves and cougars around. All animal attractants must be secured when sleeping or not in the site. The chance of animal attack here is very low, we are concerned about the safety of the animals. If they are attracted into the campground they become used to humans and then they become a problem animal. Unfortunately, the only way currently known to deal with a problem animal is to put it down. The area is in Unesco World Biosphere Reserve and we must all do our part to protect this fragile ecosystem.

What is there for my children to do? 
There is lots to do on the campground, we have a selection of loaner sports equipment and a large playing field. Kids are always interested in the hot tub and sauna, but be advised no kids under 8 are allowed. There are lots of birds, berries and bugs to discover and other kids to meet. 
Off the campground kids can go: to the beach, to the lake, body boarding or surfing, boating, whale watching, swimming, hiking in the forest. The town of Ucluelet has a bowling alley/arcade, shops and restaurants, a basketball court, baseball diamonds and a skate park. The town of Tofino has a community centre, art gallery, shops and restaurants, a basketball court, baseball diamonds and its own skate park.

I’ve got a disability can I access the ocean? 
Yes, Radar Hill, Incinerator Rock (north Long Beach) and Wickaninnish (south Long Beach) have wheel chair access. The Bog Trail is a beautiful 0.8 km flat boardwalk loop through a rain forest bog.

When is the best time to come?
The best time to come depends on what’s important to you. 

The late winter/early spring (January February March) has some pretty heavy rains with temperatures in the 2 C. to 10 C. range, rarely below 0 C. . You can camp comfortably but it does take some preparation and a hardy soul. Be prepared for rain and snow in the mountain passes. The weather is always changing, we get more rain than most places and more sunshine than Vancouver. This is when the waves are the largest and tides/currents are strongest. It is not recommended for beginners to learn surfing. The campground is at a very low occupancy rate so you’ll get lots of privacy in the hot tub. Late March brings the annual migration of the Pacific Grey Whale and the Whale Fest. You don’t need reservations this time of year, but call ahead to make sure that the campground has not been rented for a private event.

The late spring (April May June) can be very warm 10 C. to 25 C. but still be prepared for rain. This time of year can be half full on the weekends especially if there is a good swell or local event. The waves offer something for all skill levels this time of year. During the week you can expect some elbow room. June starts to get busy as colleges and universities finish their semesters. Reservations are recommended for specific sites or large groups, call ahead to make sure that the campground has not been rented for a private event.

The summer season (July August) starts with kids getting out of school in the last week of June and goes until they go back the first week of September.This is when the weather is most reliable and warm and this is also the busiest time. It will be the busiest from the 2nd week of July until the last week of August. The long weekends will book well in advance. The first 2 weeks of July and the last week of August tend to have a few walk-in vacancies, but not many. The swell is pretty consistently small, this is a good time to learn to surf.

The fall (September October)  has great low rates and fewer people to share the beach with. The swell starts to pick up to a more challenging level near the end of September – October. This time of year often has fabulous sunny weather, that being said, be prepared for rain – it is a rainforest! Reservations are not required unless you want a particular site or have a large group, call ahead to make sure that the campground has not been rented for a private event.

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